A Letter From Our CEO

Right from childhood ….

Leaving the motherland forever is a great challenge for us humans – at any age.

It’s just like uprooting a tree. It first has to come to terms with the new climatic conditions, grow its roots again, and then, over time, regain sufficient support to grow.

With young plants, this is relatively unproblematic. If they are somewhat larger, there is no guarantee of success, and with old, established trees, uprooting and replanting is almost impossible.

Fortunately, when I had to plant new roots, I was only 11 years old.

That’s not so difficult, because you quickly learn to fit in, reorient, adapt and assert yourself. For my mother, the challenge was much greater: different people, a different culture, a different language.

For the daily shopping – no problem. If necessary, you can make yourself understood with your hands and feet. At the doctor’s, it was a huge problem. I had to act as a translator, which was a great challenge for me as a child.

These were experiences that shaped me and had a decisive influence on my goals.

This is why I founded Sernitas.

In our day clinics, we create a cultural and linguistic environment in which people feel comfortable, no matter what their mother tongue is and in which country their cradle was.

To make this possible, we support medical staff in integrating into Germany.